:: How to adjust your RTK Trigger

How to adjust your RTK Trigger

  • Unload your Pistol

    RTK Trigger adjustment pic 1
  • Rack the slide. Will it fire?

    If YES go to next step.
    If NO, back out lower set screw.

  • Hold trigger back. Rack slide.

    Slowly move the trigger forward: you should hear two reset clicks. If you do, go to next step.
    If not, screw top set screw in, clockwise.

    RTK Trigger adjustment pic 2
  • Set screws use a .050" Allen key.

    RTK Trigger adjustment pic 3
    RTK Trigger adjustment pic 4
  • Rack slide, pull trigger very slowly.
    Note distance from bottom set screw to stock.

    RTK Trigger adjustment pic 5
  • Adjust lower set screw until you find the point where it just fires. Then back out one full turn. Counterclockwise

    RTK Trigger adjustment pic 6

    Hold trigger back. Rack slide.

    Let trigger forward slowly.
    Unscrew top set screw until second reset point comes and goes. Then screw in one full turn. Clockwise

    Set screws MUST be secured with "Blue Loctite"

    After adjusting, unscrew "2" full turns, put a drop of loctite on the threads and screw in "2" full turns.


  • If you have a failure to reset.

    You have eliminated too much take-up.

  • If you have a failure to fire.

    You have eliminated too much over-travel.

  • If everything started off fine and after firing X# of rounds you have failure to
    fire or failure to reset.

    The set screws were not secured properly with Loctite.


These pistols were made real "sloppy" by the factory so that shooters who wanted to fire a couple hundred rounds at a session and get their pistol smoking hot, would not have a misfire.

When you tighten up your pistols with my triggers you can expect heat to effect your adjustments.

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