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Dennis R.

| 04-16-2018

RM380 Holster and +1 Magazine Extension

Just received my RM 380 holster and magazine extension. My compliments on top quality products and Brandon’s “how to” video lessons. Keep up the good work. Have no problem recommending you or your products. Thank You!

Brian W.

| 03-05-2018

Traction Grip Overlays in Black for Hi Point CF-380 and C-9 Pistols

Thank you so much for sending me the traction grips for my gun. They fit perfect and I was very happy with the packaging. You guys went the Whole Nine Yards and I appreciate it. I definitely will be doing business again with you.

Richard J.

| 02-24-2018

Santiago Short Stroke Trigger Kit for Smith & Wesson BG380

Just installed the trigger kit for the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380. What a difference! Great product!
The instructional video was terrific - good job!

Fernando G.

| 02-24-2018

The Crusader Trigger and Return Spring for Kimber Micro 9 Pistols

Thank you. Received my trigger and it is awesome looking can't wait to have it installed. Your company has great service. Thank you again. 5 stars for you!

Tom W.

| 02-23-2018

Stainless Steel Guide Rod Assembly for Walther P22 Pistols

I had to tell you right away how happy I am with the Walther P22 guide rod and spring you sold me. This actually makes the field strip and reassembly a pleasure! No more fear that the spring or rod are going to be springing out into the bushes when I have to disassemble it to clear an issue, which is way too often for my liking. Still this solved that fear and should it work as great as it assembles I'll be forever in your debt.
Thanks again

Joseph N.

| 02-05-2018

Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbine Performance Parts

I received both the GP-CX4-CH1 Oversized Charging Handle for Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbine and GP-STO-SS Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbine today. Excellent fit and premium product.

Doug A.

| 01-25-2018

Assembled Guide Rod for Smith and Wesson M&P Full Size Pistols

I want to say that the order was sent super fast and just as described, will buy from you guys again. The Recoil spring for the M&P full size fit great and the added weight helps with muzzle rise. Thanks again.

Henry G.

| 01-25-2018

The Crusader Trigger and Return Spring for Kimber Micro 9

Just wanted to say thanks for making such a cool kit for the Micro 9. Followed your video instructions and the install went smooth. I now have a trigger that honestly couldn't be much better. Looks good and works even better. Couldn't be more pleased. Thanks.

When I was thinking about buying your trigger kit I noticed a lot, in fact almost all of the chatter on line about the trigger was negative only because of the flat surface, but these folks had not tried it for the most part. Well, I got to thinking there may be a reason for it being flat. Such as it helping with the leverage of the pull. After installation I found that the flat surface didn't cause any negative side affects at all. In fact, I found my finger could slide towards the lower part of the trigger which gave me a mechanical advantage when time to squeeze. The trigger felt much better than the curved trigger. Much crisper and it felt lighter. My finger loved the flat surface. So flat is good. It sorta looks cool also. It proves you never know till you try something different.

Chris D.

| 01-08-2018

Tier One Carry Service

I got the slide back. My compliments on the excellent work! It exceeds my expectations.

Anthony T.

| 01-06-2018

Extended Magazine Release for BG380 and M&P 380 Pistols

Today I got around to installing the mag release I purchased from you for my S&W Bodyguard 380. I had no issues with the installation and the new release works flawlessly. The click of that aircraft aluminum release is so satisfying! I am now confident that the magazines placed in my pistol will be securely retained for the life of the weapon. You could not slap the smile off my face!

It is a shame that manufacturers cut corners to hit a price point. Thank goodness there are American companies like Galloway Precision who offer quality made replacement parts that S&W should have installed to begin with. Thank you so much and keep making better parts!

John S.

| 01-05-2018

Stainless Striker Guide and Heavy Striker Spring for Ruger American Pistols

Thanks for the quick service on my small order. When your favorite pistol is broken, you can't sleep, can't eat or anything else.

Doak D.

| 01-02-2018

Performance Spring Kit for Springfield XDS

Could you pass on that I installed my Xds spring set over the Christmas Break, and everything seems good. I also went to Reds indoor range here in Pflugerville and ran 200 rounds through it with no FTF or FTE. Although I almost couldn't tell a difference at first, but as I ran 20 plus rounds, it was coming through as a different functioning Xds. Thank you again!

Russell R.

| 12-31-2017

Increased Rate Recoil Spring Set and Reduced Power Spring Kit for Remington RM380 Pistols

What the heck is going on there????

I place an order, log off, and the mailman is outside delivering it 20 minutes later. Well it seemed almost that fast. Did receive order in TX 2 days after ordering 12/27 in spite of Christmas rush. Exactly as ordered and without any excessive postage/shipping charges for a one once item.

Thank you and know Galloway will be on my list of "must check" sites for all firearm related searches. Happy New Year!!

Grant G.

| 12-28-2017

Extended Magazine Release for BG380 and M&P 380 Pistols

Just wanted to say thanks for the extended mag release for my S&W bodyguard 380. Was on the verge of selling this gun because of the mag not staying in when you went to use the gun. I got my extended mag release from you guys and installed it and it works great. Again thanks.

John S. from Martin's Gun Shop

| 12-23-2017

Wide Body Takedown Plate for SD VE and Sigma VE

Yesterday, Dec 22, I placed an order with your website for a take-down plate for a Smith and Wesson handgun. Today, 24 hrs later, the part came in. I was blown away considering the amount of mail in the system right now, plus no shipping costs!
My point is, that is Fantastic service, and as the owner of a new gun repair business in Charleston, SC, my business partner and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Nice Job!!

Russell E.

| 11-15-2017

Remington RM380 Performance Parts

I ordered an upgrade kits for my Remington RM-380; stainless steel guide rod, reduced recoil spring, firing pin spring, hammer spring and stainless steel hammer spring seat. I received the order very fast and with the help of the installation video had my Remington RM-380 upgraded in minutes. The parts are of great quality and really made the Remington a smoother operating firearm. Thanks Galloway.

Richard W.

| 10-28-2017

Remington RM380 Performance Parts

All items arrived today. Wow! You folks are fast, fair, friendly. The best.

Rusty B.

| 10-15-2017

The Hannibal Adjustable Trigger for Sig Sauer SP2022 Pistols

I recently ordered the Galloway Precision Hannibal trigger for my Sig SP 2022. These guys hit a home run on this one. 10-15 minute's to install & adjust, all the pre-travel in DA is gone, along with the over travel as well. Plus the overall feel is much better than the stock Sig trigger. Took it to the range today & it functioned perfectly. I shot some respectable groups & im sure the function & feel of the trigger contributed to my shooting. Shipping on the trigger was free & it came within just a couple days, very fast as usual. Ive ordered a few other times from Galloway & have always received great products & they are always quick to respond to any question you may have on a product. I will continue to recommend & order from Galloway Precision on any firearm product I may need & they manufacture.

Donald R.

| 09-16-2017

The Hannibal Adjustable Trigger for Sig Sauer SP2022 Pistols

I wanted to let you know that I am extremely excited to have found your site! I did not know that there was a company who cared to make items to increase the reliability, and function for firearms besides Glocks. I plan on ordering the components for both the Ruger American 9mm and Ruger American Compact 9mm (which is my CCW), It will take some time as I am a Range Officer, but I hope to be able to fully review your items with whatever ammo I can to help spread your name (one benefit to working on a rifle and handgun range)! I wish you guys the best, and I hope I could assist in getting your name out there, since I have had many problems with my full size that your products most likely couldhave prevented.
Thank you again for your dedication to improving the firearm community as a whole!

Erick R.

| 09-12-2017

Beretta APX Stainless Guide Rod and Stainless Striker Guide Kit

Shot 100 rounds tonight with your trigger spring and guide rod.....Love it! Grouping is tighter. Funny cuz it's just like the video.

Richard W.

| 08-25-2017

Remington RM380 Compact Holster with Ulticlip

Received the holster today. Top quality at fair price so can't get better. Posted info and photos about it at Remington owners forum. Have a good weekend.

Michael A.

| 08-20-2017

Heavy Striker Spring for Ruger American Pistols

I recently purchased a striker guide rod for the American pistol. I have to admit I was skeptical that it would make much difference in the trigger pull. I installed it and took the gun to the range today. Wow am I ever impressed. My $500 dollar Ruger now has the trigger pull of my $700 HK VP 9. Congrats on the product.

Jose C.

| 08-18-2017

Stainless Guide Rod and Recoil Spring for Ruger LCP

Many thanks -as always- for your Excellent service and assistance.

Tom M.

| 08-16-2017

Assembled Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Ruger American 9mm Compact Pistols

That loud noise you most likely heard was when you broke the sound barrier processing my order. You are really great. Thanks!!

Recently I purchased one of your replacement guide rod/recoil spring assemblies for a RUGER RAPc 9mm pistol. The pistol has now been returned to Ruger for service three times. Mostly due to the OEM parts breaking. I used up 3-4 of them early on. Since I received your extremely well finished part I have shot 600-800 rounds with no spring issues. Mine is 16# btw.

My small exposure with Galloway Precision has been very, very positive. And, I have told others.

Bill W.

| 07-30-2017

Oversized Charging Handle for Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbine

Just wanted to say thanks for the extremely fast service and the Galloway Oversized Charging handle beats the stock handle on my Beretta Storm hands down. Great handle!

John B.

| 06-19-2017

Blacked Billet Guide Rod and Heavy Recoil Spring Set for S&W M&P 380 Pistols

Had to express my joy in the recoil springs & guide rod, which l had to replace on my S&W M&P 380. Flawless for 400+ rounds and do soften that slide velocity. Great Products!

Anthony V.

| 06-14-2017

Sweet Pea Trigger for Ruger LCP Pistols

Thank you for the quick delivery and the trigger was real easy to install. I love my new trigger it's real smooth and I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and family. Great job guy and gals.

Niles D.

| 06-14-2017

Tier One Slide Milling Service for Sig P938 Pistols

I would like you to know that I am very happy with the machining you did on my Sig P938 to mount the JP Optic red dot.
Thanks for your very good work.


| 06-09-2017

Santiago Short Stroke Trigger Kit for BG380 and M&P 380 Pistols

Installed the new trigger kit and fired it today. Not a single light strike with various ammunition. You should see the smile on my face.

Tom M.

| 05-23-2017

Assembled Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Ruger American Compact 9mm Pistols

A few weeks ago I bought one of your guide rod spring combination. I had just bought a new RUGER American 9mm compact pistol. I target shoot weekly. 3x17 rounds each time. On my second visit the factory guide rod assembly promptly broke. The larger spring overrides the end fitting and that ends your target practice. OR, your self defense. I sent the pistol back to RUGER and it was repaired. It has been returned twice with the same results. Also the same results for the two replacement parts I installed my self. So, having had issues 3-4 times the last time I got the pistol back from RUGER I had no reason to believe it was fixed. Which is when I bought the replacement system from Galloway. A 16# part. Beautifully finished and assembled. Long story short I have now shot about 400-500 rounds WITH NO PROBLEMS. How 'bout that? Thank you Galloway. You got it right. Which is one of the reasons you have such an excellent reputation

Steve F.

| 04-25-2017

Trigger upgrades for LCP and BG380

Just want to take a min to thank you and say what a great company you are running and to compliment you on the instructional videos and your products. I did the trigger upgrades on both an LCP and a Smith BG380 easy to install following your lead and what a difference it made in these little mouse guns. Thank you again, and I will be showing them off to locals I’m sure they will want to do these upgrades too.
Thanks again and keep up the great work and the faith!

Jerry L.

| 04-13-2017

In House Work for Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380

Would you please pass on to Brandon and Eric my sincere thanks for the excellent work last week on my S&W Bodyguard 380 as well as ya'll's hospitality while the work was being performed. From the time I walked in the door I felt like everyone was concerned with making sure I left a satisfied customer. Talking with Eric while he performed the work was a real treat and very educational. Brandon's recommendations on what to include in the gun were spot on and the results are amazing. I am no great shot by any means but I put together a pretty good group at the range. The gun works flawlessly and is 100% better to shoot than before. Again, thank everyone at Galloway Precision for your great products, your excellent work, and your hospitality. I will definitely be a customer again.

Dave M.

| 04-10-2017

Reduced Power Hammer Spring and Firing Pin Spring for SCCY CPX-1 and CPX-2 Pistols

Just installed and test fired your reduced hammer and firing spring kit in my SCCY CPX-2. Really pleased, and just ordered a spring for my P3AT. I’ll be getting triggers from you guys next.

Richard H.

| 04-08-2017

Sight Milling Service

Many thanks for the great work you did putting the Fastfire 3 sight on the slide of my Ruger P-95. I couldn’t be happier!
The slide was here when I got home from work yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t wait, so I assembled the gun and headed out back to check it out. I got it sighted in quickly and put 50 rounds through the gun. Everything worked great! I have put another 150 rounds through the gun today (So far!) and I just can’t describe how thrilled I am to have a Fastfire sight on my 9mm.
Thank you for having the confidence to do the job. I understand you hadn’t installed one of these sights on a P-95 before. It certainly would have been easier to play it safe and stick with things you know will work. Instead, you were willing to take a look at it, and ultimately make the job a success. I appreciate that.
Please pass my thanks and compliments on to everyone who contributed to this project. Until my brother, Dan, suggested contacting Galloway Precision, I thought my only option was to spend $600 or so on a new gun in order to shoot with a micro red-dot sight. For the low cost of $125, you made it possible to do that with a gun I already owned.
Thanks again for the great work!

Alex M.

| 04-06-2017

Assembled Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Taurus Millennium G2 and PT111 G2 Pistols

I ordered my Stainless Steel spring for my Taurus PT111 G2 on April 3rd (After hours) and my order arrived here in Texas on the 6th. That's outstanding service, and a quality product.
Thanks. I'll be back for sure.

Jeff L.

| 03-31-2017

Solomon Short Stroke Trigger Kit for Ruger LC9 and LC380 Pistols

Just received my Ruger LC9 it's awesome better than expected I'll definitely recommend everyone to send they're firearms to ya'll, Thanx again.

Bob and Pauline T.

| 03-31-2017

Storm Adjustable Trigger for SCCY CPX-1 and CPX-2 Pistols

I ordered 2 storm triggers for my wife and I 's SCCY CPX 1 's I have installed them and wanted to drop a line to say that they have made a world of difference, it has improved accuracy and made it seem like a different gun. If you would like I would be happy to give a review definitely a 5 star.

Dennis P.

| 03-08-2017

Sig Sauer P290RS Performance Parts

You guys are fast!! I've installed a few of the parts and I love the performance!! I can't wait to install the new trigger!! I'm so excited!!! Thank you all for making kick ass performance parts for my P290RS!!!

Edward H.

| 03-06-2017

Stainless Steel Guide Rods

I received both steel guide rods for my S&W and Ruger pistols. The quality, fit and performance lends itself to your companies name, Precision. The rods provided a crisp, solid and predictable return to battery. I'm very happy with your product in my weapons and would not hesitate to use and recommend your products to any of my friends. Thank you for manufacturing a great product for a great sport and hobby.

Brian M.

| 02-08-2017

Santiago Short Stroke Trigger Kit for Smith & Wesson BG380

I ordered the Santiago Short Stroke Trigger Kit and received it Thursday. I have never worked on a gun before but thought I'd try to install it myself. Went to the store and bought the tools you recommended on the video and sat down following the video exactly as you instructed. Guess what, the gun works great and my wife will be able to hit the bullseye with the Bodyguard for her CWP class. Thanks for all you do brother…

Dale P.

| 01-09-2017

Santiago Short Stroke Trigger Kit for Smith & Wesson BG380

WOW. This is a fantastic product. Very straight forward install. The toughest part is removing and replacing the rear sight. Your video was perfect. This improvement will make this tiny pistol MUCH easier to shoot. Thank you so much for the great product and SUPER FAST Shipping. What a pleasure to do business with this caliber (no pun intended) of people and company. Thank you again.

Jimmy T.

| 01-06-2017

Crusader Trigger and Hammer Spring for Sig P938 / P238

Shooting from a rest, groups went from 6" to 3" at 25 yards. 7 yard offhand shooting was similarly improved with all shots on target in half the time as previously experienced and with half the horizontal variance from center attributable to trigger pull issues. This was a marked improvement in both accuracy and ability to shoot "fast & well." I rarely take the time to review products but when I get results that exceed my expectations I feel compelled to let people know. These are truly dramatic upgrades.

I shot that pistol again today in the -10 degree weather testing some of my reloads and after another 200 rounds, the trigger is still superbly consistent even after over 700 rounds (without cleaning).

It's clean now, by the way, but I'm guessing I could have made it to 1000 without even a hiccup. I would assume any settling-in the trigger and mainspring might have had coming is long gone after 700 rounds. Well done indeed.

I'm very happy with this pistol and your products are a huge reason that is so.

Max B.

| 12-13-2016

Performance Spring Kit for Springfield XDS

You're the best!! Love your videos.
That XDs spring job looks challenging. I really appreciate the detail you put into them. Between the springs, traction grips and a bigger brighter sight of some sort for my eyes I hope to end up with a much better pistol. Doing the job gives me greater understanding of the mechanics and a sense of satisfaction. You made that possible!
Thanks and Have a Merry Christmas,

John L.

| 12-05-2016

Reduced Power Hammer Spring and Firing Pin Spring for SCCY CPX Pistols

I Installed your hammer spring kit for SCCY for CPX-2. Nice job. It takes the trigger pull down to a more civilized 6.3 or so pounds. The gun is now "broken in" at about 350 rounds. Very pleased with the gun and the spring kit.

Fredrik P.

| 11-16-2016

Traction Grip Overlays for Ruger SR9 and SR40 Pistols

Just a note to say thanks for another great product for your site. The grip overlays were very easy to install and look great, not to mention the improved grip control these have given me. Along with your Rocket trigger bar and spring upgrades, my SR40 is shooting with the best of them down on the range and at the combat course.
Thanks again!

Andrew S.

| 11-14-2016

16lb Assembled Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Taurus PT111 G2 and Millennium G2 Pistols

This is a great product. Had nothing but problems straight out of box with my brand new Taurus PT-111 and wanted you to know this guide rod seems to solve the issues I've been having and better than the guide rod that came with the gun. 5 stars from a happy customer and I'll recommend to all.

L.K. Z.

| 10-26-2016

Stainless Steel Guide Rod Assembly for Ruger SR22

Prior to getting your guide rod assembly, I had purchased some Sub-Sonic ammo. I checked with Ruger, and they told me that the ammo would not function properly. I tried it just for the heck of it, and they were correct.

Bingo, I replaced the factory guide rod with the new part, and just got back from the range. I fired 100 rounds without a single problem. Needless to say your guide rod assembly made all the difference in the world, and I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with this product. I can't believe the difference it made using Sub-Sonic ammo in my Ruger SR22. A fantastic product! Thank you so very much. It sure improves the overall use of the SR22.

Dale C.

| 10-26-2016

Reduced Power Spring Kit for Remington RM380

I just wanted to thank you guys for the outstanding all round service!!!!!! A+++++++ THANK YOU!

John M.

| 10-25-2016

Ruger LCP 13 lb Recoil Spring Set

Thank you for for a quick response and for super fast shipping. I just installed the new springs at the range. The new springs make an awesome difference in recoil and "Bite"! Thanks again for a great product!

Doug V..

| 10-22-2016

Smith & Wesson SD VE Compact Holster

Thank you for such fast shipping. All parts received were correct, and the S&W SD9VE holster fits and works wonderful. I will be placing an other order when $$$$$$ gets here, for the Springfield armory 20# XD Compact recoil assembly and ?????????

Dick R.

| 10-10-2016

Short Stroke Trigger Kit for Bodyguard 380 and M&P 380 Pistols

I have just installed the short-stroke trigger kit I recently ordered. The install was quite straightforward, aided considerably by the latest version of the YouTube video. The reduced trigger stroke dramatically improves the feel of the pistol, just as stated on your website. This is the first late-model polymer handgun I have been inside. I am impressed by the detailed engineering and the large number of tightly-packed precision miniature parts that are used these days, as compared to previous-generation firearms. I am also impressed that companies such as yours devote the time and energy to engineering and successful manufacture of these type of improvements to production firearms. Is this a great country or what?

Gary H.

| 10-04-2016

Kel-Tec PF9 Short Stroke Trigger

I wanted to let you know I have a Kel-Tec PF9 and I have one of your triggers that I put in myself. My trigger pull before I put it in was 7 pounds and after I put the trigger in and buffed up the trigger bar my trigger pull is 3.6 pounds on my Lyman trigger pull gauge. Very satisfied with your product. If it's installed right, it works right. Thanks for having a great product.

Russ M.

| 10-02-2016

SCCY CPX-2 Performance Parts

Can't say enough about the Galloway Precision performance parts for the SCCY CPX-2. I had literally written the ad to sell a gun I was deeply dissatisfied with. Not being one to take a loss easily, I thought I'd give it one more go with Galloway parts. With an easy order process, fast shipping, and a great installation video (thank you, Brandyn), I had my Storm Adjustable Trigger, Recoil Spring Set, Stainless Steel Guide Rod, Reduced Power Hammer Spring, and Firing Pin Spring on-board and fully functional in less than 45 minutes. At the range the next day, I went from dissatisfied to thrilled: the CPX-2 was more stable, with improved comfort, reduced trigger pull, and better accuracy as a result. I've since ordered the traction grip overlays, Loctite trigger kit, and a Galloway Precision sticker for my car just to make sure I have everything. I bought the SCCY because it's made in America, and I really wanted it to work out as such. With your parts, also made in America, the SCCY will remain where it belongs...safe in my IWB holster.

Brian M.

| 09-26-2016

Ruger SR9c and LCP Performance

I love your products! Have everything you sell for my SR9c and now my LCP. I'll be a customer for life!

Mark C.

| 09-25-2016

Remington RM380 Reduced Power Spring Kit

I just installed the Reduced Power Spring Kit, and wanted to let you guys know how thrilled I am with it. I followed the video on YouTube, installation was a cinch. And it had a major impact on the trigger pull, which made my step daughter really happy. Her step dad bought her the RM380, but she was having trouble dealing with the stock trigger pull. Can't wait to take it to the range! And I'm sure I'll be looking for excuses to buy more Galloway products in the future. By the way, I also received it in less than five days after ordering. You guys are doing a great job!

Vince L.

| 09-06-2016

Sig P290 P290RS Performance Spring Kit

An FYI, installed the trigger and block springs and the difference in the trigger is noticeable. Good job on those parts and great work on the video. After watching it again, took me all of 5 minutes to make the parts swap. Oh, and I do like that grease trick for holding springs. Very slick (no pun intended).

Dave W.

| 09-01-2016

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 Trigger Kit

The package was delivered on schedule yesterday. The quality of both the gunsmithing and the replacement trigger are most impressive. I'm looking forward to taking the BG380 to the range for testing. Will provide Galloway with the range test results. Thanks for all of your help in processing the work order during the move to your new location.

Neil F.

| 08-30-2016

Ruger SR9c Stainless Guide Rod Assembly

Just got the stainless steel guide rod for Ruger SR9c. Great workmanship & solid american made part! Going to probably purchase some items for my trigger group.

Joe F.

| 08-25-2016

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 Trigger Kit

I sent my pistol in to be serviced by Galloway after a local gunsmith did an awful and incorrect job. He left parts out and didn't complete the job.

After sending my pistol in to Galloway, I had nothing but great customer service, friendly and direct conversations, and, people who generally cared about their customers. Thank you for quickly getting my pistol back to me and doing such an amazing job!

You are an excellent company!

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